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Yokai monsters spook warfare

Yokai Monsters: Spook Warfare (Japanese: 妖怪大戦争, Hepburn: Yōkai Daisensō, lit. The Great Yōkai War), a.k.a. Ghosts on Parade, is a Japanese horror/fantasy film directed by Kuroda Yoshiyuki. It is the second in a trilogy of films produced in the late s, all of which focus around traditional Japanese monsters. Horror · When a Babylonian vampire comes to old Japan, an army of Japanese demons and ghosts gather and battle him. : Yokai Monsters: Spook Warfare: Yoshihiko Aoyama, Hideki Hanamura, Chikara Hashimoto, Hiromi Inoue, Mari Kanda, Takashi Kanda, Akane Kawasaki, Gen Kimura, Hajime Kimura, Gen Kuroki, Ikuko Môri, Hinode Nishikawa, Yoshiyuki Kuroda, Ahiko Murai, Yamato Yashiro, Masaichi Nagata, Tetsurô.

16 Mar IN JAPANESE W/ ENGLISH SUBTITLES!!! The first in the Yokai Monsters trilogy and in my opinion - the best. A demon is released in Babylon and travels to Japan. 20 May Yokai Monsters: Spook Warfare is the first in a series of Japanese children's movies created in the s. Despite being advertised as a "children's movie", the presence of cursing and bloodshed make that label highly questionable. You will find out that there were originally three movies made: Yokai. 19 Apr Released in , Yokai Monsters: Spook Warfare was the first in a series of three children's movies released by the Daiei Company, best known as the producers of Gamera. It tells a story of Japan's native ghosts and monsters banding together to fight off a one-man (one-thing?) invasion by an ancient.



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