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Speak english fluently rule 1

Hi, I'm A.J. Hoge, the director of "Effortless English" and welcome to the Free 7 Rules e-mail course. Today is rule 1. Now, rule 1 is: Learn English phrases, not individual words. This one, just like all the other rules, is very simple, very easy. And, like the other rules, this rule is very, very powerful. So simple, so powerful. In fact, I usually say this is the number one suggestion, the number one rule, the most important rule, and so easy, and it is this: learn with your ears, not with your eyes. Ok? If you want to speak excellent English, you gotta learn with your ears. Listening, listening, listening and more listening is the key to speaking excellent. Aug 22, 7 rules to speak english fluently. 1. 7 rules to speak English fluently **RULE 1: Always Study and Review Phrases, Not Individual Words Never study a single, individual word. Never. When you find a new word, always write down The Phrase it is in. Always. When you review, always review all of the phrase.

Hi, I'm AJ Hoge, and welcome to the first secret or the first rule for Excellent English Speaking. Now, this whole video course is going to teach you a very, very different way of learning English and, if you follow every one of these secrets or rules, I promise you, your English speaking will improve tremendously, alot. You will. i am very glad to join i can speak english but not well bcoz i cant give ans rapidly in english bcoz i have hazited i try your rule for better english. Gabriel. Thank you, rule # 1 is really usefull. I hope that I will be able to speak fluently with your lessons. I look forward the next lesson. Thank you again. Pak. Hi everyone. I just want to say thank you so much for all the videos that you've shared, teaching us all the techniques on how to speak English fluently. A million thanks. More power to your web .. They don't have a set-in-their-brain-language getting in the way relentlessly while learning a new one. I appreciate the effort, though. It is the.

Over and over again, he/she can speak English fluently. I think we should learn like a child if we want to master English. Doston Hamdamov. Hi there, thanks so much to Kristin, Joe and AJ. They have taken me into English. I feel pretty comfortable while I am speaking English. Dr. David Bean. Rule #1 Don't learn words. The 10 English Fluency Rules: What Every English Learner Ought To Know About Fluency. 1. Fluency is a habit. The skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking are nothing more than habits formed over time. The problem is that most learners develop habits that stop them from becoming strong communicators.



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