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I have downloaded dotNetNuke community edition new installations from the following url: ? ReleaseId=#ReviewsAnchor. Once downloaded I cannot open the zip file and receive the followng error: The Compressed (zipped) Folder is invalid or. 7 Aug I'm installing an extremely simple Theme via DNN's Extension installer. I have 2 files in the root of my ZIP: and . 31 Jan Extract Source Zip. Extracted source package. It's best to extract the into a folder with smaller name, e.g. c:\ dnnsource. Longer folder name may result in max folder / file name limitations during compilation. Given the large number of files, it may take a good couple of.

14 Aug Now going forward, after you do a release, you go into your AssemblyInfo file, change your version number there, and into File and change your Version number there. Next time you build in Release mode the module will create a new VERSION number ZIP file, leaving your last version builds. The DNN manifest is an XML file (e.g., ) that indicates how specific files in the extension package must be processed during installation. Only the files specifically declared in the manifest would be installed. Files inside any zip file specified in component type="ResourceFile" do not have to be listed. We've Moved! DNN has officially completed our move to GitHub. All source code and release downloads for DNN 8 and above can be found on the DNN Platform Project on GitHub project. All historical releases for DNN 7 and below will remain accessible on CodePlex. For more information you can read our blog about the.

DNN has been using a very old version of the SharpZipLib library for zipping and unzipping archive files, because the newer versions had a major breaking change, New Security Analyzer module added to files list for this release. Note: please use for official source code package. 29 Mar DnnContra. Info Reading Component Manifest - ResourceFile. Failure File specified in the dnn could not be found in the zip file: C:\Websites\Root\Install\ Temp\co2x0xk4\ Failure File specified in the dnn could not be found in the zip file: C:\Websites\Root\Install\Temp\co2x0xk4\Resources. The problem is in the zip file itself. While installing, dnn expects the files to be in a temp folder. \Install\Temp\j1hnum0c\ However in the zip there are folders zipped inside along with the files \AuthenticationServices\ Fellows, so the unzipped path in the DNN temp folder becomes.



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