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Get a 30% discount on future content purchases; We also run membership specials exclusively for members throughout the year. Looking to organize your own racing in a league or standalone races? We make servers available for a very modest cost — just 50 cents per hour. This is only charged to the host. For example, if. Cars and Tracks · iRacing has precision-mapped every major North American track and a growing number of international Stock cars to sports cars, Indy cars to Formula 1, iRacing has cars and. Interested in special offers, free giveaways, and news? Stay In Touch · Ad. You can buy the content that's going to be used over the next three seasons. If you do that two seasons in a row, you'll have 6 paid tracks and can compete a full season including the 2 free tracks the Skippy always runs a season. If you follow that method in the Skippy for long enough, eventually you'll have.

5 Apr Iracing is about online racing primarily. You can practice by yourself and that works fine but the real point is the other people racing online. Their license system ensures that you will end up with people who are trying to race not run into each other. The cost varies depending on the quantity of items you. 7 Sep Hi guys, Thinking of getting into iRacing soon, but I don't really have a lot of money myself (don't have a job because I've found school work really. 23 Oct iRacing's Modular Content System. With iRacing you need to purchase the licenses to use individual tracks. Each track outside of the base package costs a one-time fee of $ or $ depending on the track size and the time which it was scanned. Tracks initially cost $ and are demoted to.

iracing-road-only - Userscript for iRacing that hides content unrelated to road racing. This is opinionated, so YMMV. 1 Year Commercial License for Iracing includes credit to purchase all Iracing Car and Track Content, to be renewed anually Includes all current cars and tracks ( Check for latest full list) Hardcore Simulation racing for proffesional style racing and simulation based physics and styling. (Requires Internet. | Screenshot Price increases on or around August 1 Monthly sub increase $1 per month. 3 month sub increase less than $3 1 year sub increase less than $12 2 year sub increase less than $ Bulk content discounts: 20% discount reduced to 15% - for 6.



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