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Jun 24, Earth was a largely missed opportunity. I wish atleast some company or group of developers would pick it up from the ground and actually finish the final phase of the story. It was *originally* supposed to be worked upon, but it was simply archived, forgotten and left that way. I doubt there was even any. Nov 22, it was long ago since the last earth game released in I wonder if topware and realitypump trying to develop any new RTS game, I think earth was very successful in graphic, design and depth in gameplay but the campaign story ended in a way that make you think that new earth game will be. Earth is a real time strategy (RTS) computer game, the third in the "Earth" series and developed by Reality Pump studios. It is a direct sequel to Earth The release of the game was staggered, originally published in Russia, Germany and Poland in June , it was then released in the rest of Europe in.

Aug 1, Correction appended Aug. 3. On the off-chance you're alive in years, you could be in for a very bad day, when the asteroid Bennu collides with Earth, unleashing a blast 80, times more powerful than that of the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima. OK, the odds are pretty good you won't be around in Jun 16, Another game from the legendary Earth series, the action of the game is a continuation of events that happened in earlier games, and takes place after The game is based on Earth-4 engine, and uses T&L rendering, pixel shaders and realistic lighting. Cant wait for Earth , the Earth series is great.



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