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Soil texture triangle hydraulic properties calculator download

Soil texture triangle hydraulic properties calculator

Enter values for percent sand and percent clay (enter values greater than zero) and click on [Calculate] to obtain the soil properties for the respective texture. NB you do not need to enter values for silt because these are calculated from the clay/sand figures. Tasks: 1) Read the definitions below. Experiment with different . 29 Oct Soil Water Characteristics. Hydraulic Properties Calculator. This program estimates soil water tension, conductivity and water holding capability based on the soil texture, organic matter, gravel content, salinity, and compaction. Texture Triangle. USDA Seal. Calflora | Soil Texture: Texture as used here is based on the particle size of the major components of a soil map unit, and other indicators. The broad classes are: clay [< mm] silt [ to mm] sand [ to mm] Jonathan Russell-Anelli, Senior Lecturer, Senior Extension Associate, Department of Crop and.

Definitions. Wilting Point: is the water content at a matric potential of -1, kPa (- 15 bars). It roughly corresponds to the lower limit of the Available water. It is expressed in (units³ water/units³ soil). Field Capacity: is the water content at the upper limit of the Available Water or drained upper limit. It roughly corresponds to a. The equations used to compute these values are modified equations obtained from the "Soil texture triangle hydraulic properties calculator" available online at: Source: Dr. K. E. Saxton USDA/ ARS Pullman, WA Phone: () FAX: () E- mail. Soil, Water, and Crop Characteristics important to irrigation scheduling; (* glossary of soil water terms; *good illustrations of water content/movement in soil) ; * Soil texture triangle: hydraulic properties calculator; (*interactive calculator - just input sand and clay contents); * Scientific Application: Limitations of microbial .

Enter a new value for any one of these texture values will cause new hydraulic poperties to be calculated. This is necessary because inconsistent hydraulic properties will cause a failure of the Finite Difference infiltration model. Press the [ Texture] button to use the Soil Texture Triangle: Hydraulic properties calculator to . THIS GRAPHIC COMPUTER PROGRAM IS USED TO. ESTIMATE THE HYDROLOGIC WATER HOLDING AND. TRANSMISSION CHARACTERISTICS OF AN. AGRICULTURAL SOIL PROFILE LAYER. SELECTING SOIL. TEXTURES ON THE GRAPHICAL SOIL TEXTURE TRIANGLE. BY EITHER THE SLIDER BARS OR. About. Textures4Ag is an interactive soil texture and hydraulic properties calculator. It is based on the work of Dr. Keith E. Saxton and Dr. Walter Rawls [ reference]. By clicking on the soil texture triangle, manually entering sand/silt/clay values, or selecting a USDA soil class you can see estimated soil water characteristics.



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